These Instructions Apply to the Classic, Groom Mate and Professional

Grasp the top cylinder with one hand and the bottom cylinder with your other hand.
Insert the cutting head into your nostril or ear and gently rotate the bottom cylinder
bank and forth.

When you are finished trimming, clean your trimmer's cutting head using one or more
of these methods:

  1. Blow the hair out
  2. Use a small cleaning brush to remove the hairs.
  3. Rinse your trimmer under running water.

With the Groom Mate and Professional models you can also perform a more thorough
cleaning, described here:

  • Loosen the small set screw located on the side of the trimmer.
  • Pull the bottom cylinder down, removing the inner cutter from top cylinder.
  • Very carefully clean the cutting heads on both cylinders.
  • Apply a few drops of household oil or petroleum jelly to the inner cutting head.
  • Reassemble the two parts and tighten the set screw.


GROOM MATES are guaranteed to stay sharp forever. If you are ever dissatisfied

with your trimmer’s performance for any reason, please return it to your retailer

for a refund or a replacement trimmer.

Please note that the cutting head is very delicate and can be damaged if dropped

on, or banged against a hard surface. As such, any damage caused to the cutting

head voids our warranty.


We offer you an ongoing, Risk-Free opportunity to market GROOM MATES. If you are

ever dissatisfied with our products for any reason, simply return your unsold trimmers

to us or to your GROOM MATE distributor and we will instantly refund your purchase

price, less freight charges.